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Артист: Cassidy Песня: Hotel (feat R.Kelly) Жанр: Rap Год: 2004

Скачать Cassidy - Hotel (feat R.Kelly) бесплатно

Текст песни Hotel (feat R.Kelly):
[R Kelly:]
Ladies and gentlemen, you are listening to the sounds of swiss beats.
We got cassidy in here. Kels! We in our throwbacks.
This is for the ladies, we got room keys.

(R. Kelly)
Girl u wanna come to my hotel
baby i will leave you my room key
im feeling tha way u carry yourself girl
and i wanna get wit u cuz uz a cutie
so if u wanna come to my hotel
all u gotta do iz holla at me
cuz we're having an after party

checking out six in tha mornin..in tha mornin..in tha mornin..in tha mornin (x2)

Ill be stayin at the hotel
not the motel
or tha holidayy inn (say what!)
If that girl dont participate
well den imma take her friend (say what!!)
But if, mommy is wit it den,
mommy can get it if
mommyz a ridah
imma slide up beside her
Momma! i got a sweet u could creep on through
i know u try and get ur freak on too

i do it all for the(ladiez)
yea i ball for (ladiez)
hit da mall for (ladiez)
keep it fly for (ladiez)
keep my eye on (ladiez)
hot tub full of (ladiez)
pop bub for tha(ladiez)
i got luv for my (ladiez)



We da new cartel..R. kell..and the kid Cassidy (sayy what!!)
Girl if ur man start actin up
ask for him or ask for me (sayy what!!)
we could go get it crackin
but u know what'll happen
we'll be under the covers
makin luv to each other
i got a double bed
onez to sleep on
da other onez to get my freak on

i do it all for the (ladiez)
yea i ball for the (ladiez)
hit da mall for the (ladiez)
keep it fly for the (ladiez)
keep my eye on the (ladiez)
hot tub full of (ladiez)
pop bub for da (ladiez)
i got luv for my (ladiez)



We gon' chi-town step it up
to the club lettin out
den we gonna sex it up
til we all checkin out
i got my chickz
imma bring to da tele
we bout to do the damn thing
sing it to dem kelly..


itz alrighttttt (itz alrighttttt)
if u wanna come wit me
and fulfill your fantasy
baby in my hotel suite
and itz ok (ok)
if u wanna party night til day
i will do anything u say


You have just heard a classic featuring
the one and only Kellz, Cassidy,
Swizz Beats the monster (Yes I Am)
Full Surface the Label
Roc-lam the family
Ruff Ryders the family


Get your hands up [until fade]

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