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Артист: Ludacris Песня: Last Of A Dying Breed ft. Lil Wayne Жанр: Rap Год: 2008

Скачать Ludacris - Last Of A Dying Breed ft. Lil Wayne бесплатно

Текст песни Last Of A Dying Breed ft. Lil Wayne:
I done killed so many ****** in the booth I sell rappers on ebay,
Soldiers couldn’t cause more disaster on D-Day,
Haters better cover up they jaw like freeway,
Cause every hit records spit instant like replay,
Hold the line i got ya momma on 3-way,
Tell her Ludas got more records than the DJ,
Tell her she should blow me like candles on ya B-Day,
Cause I’ve signed more lines then shes passed on the freeway,
More checks then you ever could imagine more wood up in my whip then in a forest full of cabins,
And yes i stay high on that purple like Aladdin,
And Women say i talk more game than John Madden,
How’d it happen how the let me in the booth, how they let these rappers lie how dare i tell the truth!
Im the truth and these other boys phony, Its a movie so act like ya know me.

Im A Lyricist to the death so i got what ya need, Ludacris, im the last of a dying breed, And we almost extinct so im saying it loud, Say it with me, ( MCs move the crowd) x3

[Lil Wayne]
I got it baby,
And im a MC i move the crowd like moses,
Like the Red Sea i wear red like roses,
Go against me and youll be dead like roses,
Spittin at ya head full of bread like toaster,
Never had a holster, I keep it on my lap,
And Hip Hop aint dead it just had a heart attack,
What you see i keep it pumpin yeah i got that hard back,
Soldiers call me Little Carter or Little Cardiac,
Precious like a artifact, Valuable like a quarterback,
Edible like they call me jack, Fall back like a starter hat,
Nah diddy thought of that, I mean how diddy think of that, i mean how did i think of that, Now like a riddle bring it back,
I mean how did i think of that, i surprise myself sometimes,
Someone should throw me a surprise party for every line,
Everytime i do what i do i do it dirty like swine for the dirty and fine hip hop im alive!

Im a little cist to the death and i got what ya need, Weezy F, the last ofa dying breed, and we almost extinct so im saying it loud, Say it with me (Mcs move the crowd) x3

This is music muscle mania, my verses on steroids,
private planes im on the jet son like elroy,
Flying through the sky at amazing speed,
We on that superman kush or that amazing weed,
The new Bentley came out my team said LUDA GET IT,
20 thou says that im the only ***** WIT IT,
New Era on ya brain like a A-Town Fitted,
And im not E-40 but im so sick wit it,
Now my flow got the flu,
Hoes i gotta view, but im stingy with the dough im like no not for you,
What the **** was you thinking?
Off what im banking, Me and Wayne on that lean what the **** was you drankin?
Stinkin like a dead body up in the woods,
So i stashed it like a weave coming up in the hood,
And if you down for no bad then we up to no good,
And its important that you make it understood

Im a lyricist to the death so i got what ya need, Ludacris, the last of a dying breed, and we almost extinct so im saying it loud, say it with me (MCs move the crowd) x3

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